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Find out how proper dog training can turn your hard-to-train dog to a well-behaved dog and have him obey all of your house rules, even when you’re not around.
Start By Training Your Dog to Sit
For most dog owners, the first thing to start when it comes to training your dog is to train it to “sit”. It is good – for you and your dog – to start training your dog when it’s still a cute puppy. The following tips may also apply to a full-grown dog as well.
1. Start by saying “sit” each time your dog sits itself. He will learn to associate the word ‘sit’ with the action. This is also a tip you can use in training your dog to perform other actions.
2. Offer your dog his favorite treat as a reward each time he carries out your instruction to sit successfully. Remember to reward him almost at the same time he something right.
3. Sit down on the floor with your dog. You are less threatening to your dog when you are at the same level with him. Now, not only you are closer to your dog physically (so that you can reward him faster), but it also fosters a bond with your dog with this ‘closeness’ much faster.
4. Praise your dog with your voice as well as body language, and he will enjoy learning.
5. Practice! Though practice makes perfect, each training session should not become too boring for the dog. Believe me, you dog can sense it and will react to it negatively.
6. Follow by training your dog while standing up.


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July 31, 2012

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