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The world of fashion photography is without a shadow of doubt very lucrative. Despite this fact, it is also very difficult to break into unless you are willing to put in extra effort into your work. To pull it off as a fashion photographer, it is important that you have amazing creativity as well as the ability to take unique perfect pictures.

What are the qualities needed to make an excellent fashion photographer?

There are two basic elements that a fashion photographer must excel in, and they are:

  • The ability to take great portrait photographs
  • The ability to make images suited for the advertisement sector.

A perfect blend of the two will almost always ensure that you succeed as a fashion photographer in Singapore. Considering that Singapore is one of the fastest growing economies worldwide, it is easy to see why such success would require so much.

It goes without saying that if you aspire to be a force to reckon with in fashion photography, you must have a flair for all things fashion and design. More importantly, one needs to have an eye for great cloth designs, without which, it will be almost impossible to be a successful fashion photographer in Singapore. Remember that one’s scope of fashion must not just be limited to Singapore, but the whole world over. This means staying updated on the latest fashion trends, in addition to using one’s creativity to make new designs.

At the end of the day, a fashion photographer should be able to sell their works to just about any fashion editor. The core of fashion photography in Singapore, and indeed worldwide, is designing, placing adverts and selling high end clothes.

What do you need to do to create a reputable brand in fashion photography?

The first thing that you must do if you are keen on creating a unique brand is to develop a portfolio. A portfolio is your first point of contact when you want to sell your work. As a result, the portfolio should contain some of your best works. Secondly, you must have an online point of contact; create a unique website where you can showcase your work. This will also serve as a platform where you can interact with your clients. It will also help to include an online portfolio seeing as everything is now going digital.

What you need to have when setting up a portfolio?

The first thing you must do when setting a portfolio for fashion photography is to get models who can work well with you. Ensure that you maintain healthy professional relationships with the models as this will have a significant impact on the success of your fashion photography.

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