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Contrary to popular belief, executive portrait photographs need not be boring. In fact, some portrait photographers are so good at their work that you could use their works for your business cards, your official website and even your curriculum vitae.

What different styles can be used in portrait photography?

There are various different styles used in creating executive portraits. One of the designs used is that which determines the kind of edges to be used, from softened edges to those which are black as well as the white edges. You may also go for a traditional portrait that personifies your business ethics. Alternatively, you may choose to go for a modern style that reflects your individual tastes and preferences as far as your business is concerned. Whichever form of portrait you need, you could always check with your local photographer.

What constitutes a great headshot package?

In case you decide to go for a headshot, a good package should be inclusive of a studio session. A great portrait photographer ought to be equipped with high quality digital cameras. After the photo session, the photographer should give you your photos in softcopy (preferably on a CD) and hardcopy if you so wish.

There are a number of effects that the portrait photographer could add to your photos. This is known as professional retouching. It also includes the addition of special effects that you may have requested. These techniques include removal of blemish from the face, cropping of the photographs, sharpening as well as straightening. Remember that your executive portraits need to look as polished as need be; after all they will constitute the face of your business.

Ideally, many sessions of portrait photography in Singapore will take just about half an hour with at least four different poses and outfits. It is crucial to make sure that the kind of portrait photos you go for are a reflection of your business acumen. During such sessions, seek to remain as natural as possible- use minimal makeup and keep your jewelry classy. What’s more, you may need to carry your own personal effects for the last minute touch ups prior to the portrait photography session.

This means carrying your own comb as well as natural make up if deemed necessary. You need not wear an official suit, but formal wear will go a long way in projecting the correct image on your portrait photographs. In addition to this, the clothes ought to be well pressed with no stains at all.

During the portrait photography session, ensure that you try out various poses until you find one that you are well comfortable with. Lastly, you may consider a group portrait photo, say for your website. The same rules apply.


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