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David Goh Photography, Portrait and Fashion PhotographerHi, I’m David. I’ve been a photographer focusing mainly in the genre of portraiture and fashion for the last 4 years who shoots exclusively in black and white, and even then, I am frequently asked by my clients: “Why shoot in black and white over colour?”

In fact, this question is even asked by my clients or models alike who have already viewed and liked my portfolio. Perhaps, this is normal knowing the prevalence of colour photography today. Nevertheless, I have now learnt to embrace this question and I see it as an open opportunity to share my love and preference for monochrome.


Instead of viewing it as a technical limitation or a creative boundary, many great photographers chose to implement black and white predominantly in their practice, and I draw a lot of inspiration from this.

After working as a photographer in several western countries – particularly in Amsterdam where my photography agency represents me, what I have noticed is that black and white photography is still widely loved and sought after by many.

The quality of timelessness is an element that black and white photography holds that its colour contemporary cannot achieve. I also love that a black and white portrait photograph of a person gives them an air of refinement, confidence and sophistication. Without the distraction of colours, it allows for a stronger emotional connection to the subject in the photograph. It usually prompts the viewer to ask themselves: “What is he thinking? What is her story?”

I believe that black and white photography brings out the best in everyone. Pigments, blemishes or distracting elements on the skin are also either made less obvious or totally invisible, and what is instead brought into focus is your wonderful smile and sparkle in your eyes.


If you are someone unique (because you like to have your portrait or fashion photographs taken in black and white 🙂 )and would like to be different among your peers (you will stand out), I will be glad to offer my service to you while I am available in Singapore (as I am mostly based in Amsterdam).

Please contact me at: +65 9828 4276
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We can arrange a shoot, and who knows, we can be friend.