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Why Would You Need Accessories?

We have all heard the phrase ‘it is never the gear, but the photographer’.To a large extent, that saying definitely holds true. However, in certain situations, gear does matter - albeit not as much as we think - as it plays an important key aspect towards...

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Why Learn Photography?

In this extremely visually-driven age that we live in, mainly because of the inclusion of cameras on our cellphones and gadgets; plus the availability of image sharing platforms everywhere, having a little extra knowledge in the art of image making will go...

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Travel Photography

Some people love collecting souvenirs when they travel, while others prefer to remember the places they have been to through beautiful imagery. If you identify yourself as the latter, having a trusty camera with you on your travels to freeze those moments...

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Why Hire A Photographer?

If you’re wondering whether you should hire a professional photographer for a portrait shoot, or a particular upcoming occasion you have in mind - you most likely should.Hiring a professional photographer isn’t simply hiring someone with expensive cameras...

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When Do You Need A Studio?

The question of the need for a photography studio may pop up at least once if you have ever looked into photography services.A photography studio is a controlled indoor environment that mimics the effects of natural outdoor daylight. More artistic effects...

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Getting a Good Photographer on Your Wedding

Getting a good photographer on your wedding day is imperative to keeping the memories of your big day alive. It is very important to ensure that you get a photographer who is excellent at what they do for the simple reason that the special moments cannot...

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Executive Portrait Photography

Contrary to popular belief, executive portrait photographs need not be boring. In fact, some portrait photographers are so good at their work that you could use their works for your business cards, your official website and even your curriculum vitae.What...

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A Glimpse Into The World of Fashion Photography

The world of fashion photography is without a shadow of doubt very lucrative. Despite this fact, it is also very difficult to break into unless you are willing to put in extra effort into your work. To pull it off as a fashion photographer, it is important...

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